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Facts about Cosmeticians

What does a cosmetician/cosmetologist do?

Cosmeticians advise customers about general skin care, make-up, and other beauty items, and promote the sales of these products. They are salespeople that help to promote products for a store, but are also experts that help consumers make smart skincare choices, and advise them on skincare and product preferences.

Who employs cosmeticians?

Cosmeticians are employed in a variety of employment settings, such as department stores, drug stores, beauty salons, or independent nail or hair salons.

What qualities are important for a cosmetician?

  • Strong communication skills
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Interest and rudimentary understanding of skincare
  • Interest in make-up and color co-ordination
  • Personal maintenance
  • Interest in cosmetics

What are the educational requirements for a cosmetician?

At this time, there are no formal requirements for cosmeticians. Their role and focus differ widely, depending on who employs the cosmetician, and the customers that the store is trying to attract. Some employers focus on the sales aspect, while others focus more on skincare. While many courses and associations exist, which train cosmeticians and estheticians, many are trained at their job site.

This site will focus on basic skincare training to help you identify the common skin types and skincare products that are suited for those with that skin type.

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